Event Terms and Conditions

General Event Terms and Conditions:

Please discuss any concerns regarding these terms and conditions with Highway Harpist prior to the event, preferably prior to signing the contract.  Special provisions may be included in the contract to address any of the below issues that are problematic.

• Contract and Deposit: A signed contract and non-refundable deposit (to be applied to the balance) is required to book Highway Harpist for any event. The date will not be held without both a contract and deposit. The only event type that does not require a deposit is a House Concert, however, a contract is still needed to secure the date.

• Payment Methods: Highway Harpist accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and payment through online booking platforms such as The Bash and GigSalad. Highway Harpist does not accept Paypal or money orders. Checks must be made payable to Harpli. Electronic payment is preferred.

• Nonsufficient Funds: In the event that a check comes back due to insufficient funds, a service charge of $25 will be assessed. A new payment method will be required and payment including the NSF fee is due within 3 business days to avoid additional late fees.

• Final Payment: The contract balance owed will be paid to Highway Harpist BEFORE Highway Harpist begins playing at any event. Any extra fees incurred due to overtime or last-minute addition of the above special circumstances or similar situations not included in the contract will be due by the end of the event.  If the Client is unable to pay extra fees at the event, fees and an extra $25 late charge will be due within 14 days of the event.

• Space: The Client must provide a safe, flat, dry area at least 4 feet by 5 feet for the harp.

• Arrival Time: Highway Harpist will arrive at the venue 30-45 minutes before the start of the performance to unload the harp, set up, and tune.  There is no charge for this setup time.  Should Highway Harpist be required to arrive more than 45 minutes before performance start time for any reason, compensation for the extra time shall be required, to be specified in the contract, or else at the overtime rate of $75/half hour if added last minute.

• Breaks: For events longer than one hour, Highway Harpist will take hourly rest breaks of 5-10 minutes.

• Special Requests: Highway Harpist reserves the right to reject special music requests not agreed upon ahead of time.  Highway Harpist will NOT accompany other musicians unless it has been arranged ahead of time.  Rehearsal is required for accompanying other musicians.  Compensation for extra practice and rehearsal time will be required, to be agreed on and included in the contract or else at the overtime rate of $75/half hour.

• Travel Compensation: For events within a 25-mile radius of Highway Harpist’s location, no travel compensation is required. For events outside the radius, travel fees to cover gas, tolls, and time will be calculated at a rate of $.50 per mile each way, rounded to the next $5 increment. For any event more than 200 miles away, Client will provide Highway Harpist with two nights’ stay at a local RV Park to be agreed up on by Highway Harpist. Travel compensation may vary according to RV Park and fuel costs depending on the state. Travel expenses will be agreed upon in advance and included in the contract price above.

• Parking: Close parking is preferred.  An extra charge of $25 will be assessed if parking is difficult and not provided.  If parking garage fees or valet fees are needed, they will be paid by the Client. Please discuss parking arrangements in advance.

• Outdoor Events: Highway Harpist performs with a carbon fiber lever harp. The harp can be played outdoors, even on the beach. However, it cannot be in the rain as the soundboard is wooden. Highway Harpist can bring a hard surface for the harp to sit on if none is present. This MUST be discussed and arranged ahead of time so Highway Harpist knows to bring this.  If Highway Harpist determines the location to be unsafe for the harp (due to wind, water, uneven ground, etc.) and no suitable accommodation is made, Highway Harpist may be unable to perform, and full payment will nonetheless be required.

• Extreme Weather: Highway Harpist reserves the right to not play in extremely hot or cold situations that threaten the harp or the harpist.  This includes intense, direct sunlight. Shade or an alternate location may be required. Note that extreme humidity may interfere with the harpist’s ability to play, as fingers may slip off the strings.

• Inclement Weather: For outdoor events, should inclement weather occur, the client must provide shelter or an alternate location.  Should Highway Harpist not be able to perform due to weather, Highway Harpist shall nevertheless be paid in full.  The harp will not be played anywhere that is threatening rain, is close to mist from a fountain or sprinklers, is humid enough for condensation to form on the harp, or is overly windy (where the harp could tip over).

• Cancellations by Client: All cancellations must be submitted in writing at least one month before the event.  Deposits are not refundable. If an event is canceled less than one month before the event, the full balance will be paid to Highway Harpist. If the cancelation is due to a lockdown or other governmental edict, the client may reschedule the event at no additional cost. The new date must work with Highway Harpist’s schedule and must occur within 1 year of the original date.

• Changes to Contract: Changes made to the contract after signing will incur a $25 change fee.  An updated contract will be emailed to the Client to be electronically signed.  If the Client changes the date, time, or location of the event, and Highway Harpist is no longer able to perform as a result, no refunds will be provided.  If the change is less than one month before the event, the full balance owed will still be paid to Highway Harpist.

• Extreme Circumstances: Should Highway Harpist be unavoidably detained through proven illness, accident, accident to means of transportation, inclement weather, or other legitimate conditions beyond human control, Highway Harpist will try to provide another competent musician if possible. If the event is a workshop or concert, Highway Harpist will attempt to reschedule the event. In the event that Highway Harpist is forced to cancel due to the above-mentioned conditions beyond her control, and she is unable to provide a substitute or reschedule, the entire deposit and balance paid will be refunded to the Client within 7 days of the cancellation.

• Event Safety: Client is responsible for any damage caused to the harp or equipment by anyone attending the event. Should the harp be damaged due to the actions of someone other than Highway Harpist at the event, the Client will be responsible to cover the $300 insurance deductible and any other fees related to the damage.