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A program providing harps and lessons to those in need.

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Enriching Lives One Harp At A Time

Hands On Harps’ mission is to get harps into the hands of those who would not normally have the chance to try one. We accomplish this primarily through providing group lessons and playing sessions to school children and the elderly or ill. 

Many older individuals have reported that learning to play the harp has improved their memory, finger dexterity, and overall life quality. And all of our programs encourage playing the harp for others in whatever capacity possible. The more harps the program provides and people who are taught to play, the more the communities are enriched with harp music.

Studies show that listening to music stimulates the brain in many areas, but playing an instrument lights up the brain all over.

You might be wondering, why the harp?

Excellent way to learn music theory

Versatile instrument, capable of playing solo and in various groups

Portable, so the music can be shared with anyone

Excellent for music therapy and playing for the elderly

Capable of playing diverse music genres

Empowers students

Teaches patience, determination, and teamwork as songs transform from disjointed notes to beautiful masterpieces

Sounds beautiful from the first day – no squeaking stage!

Harps for Kids

Harp For Kids is an initiative to get beginning harp instruction programs into lower income schools where students would not normally experience seeing a harp, much less be able to afford to take harp lessons. The program is run through an after school enrichment program. Instruction is given in a group setting as the students learn the basics on harp technique, music theory, and performance and group dynamics. Students learn simple ensemble pieces and perform for the school and community. Students are taught early on to use their skills to give back, through playing for retirement and nursing homes, church groups, and other community events.

About The Program


Harps for Retirees

The Harps For Retirees program brings the harp to people in various assisted living and long term care homes. Many participants say playing the harp has been a lifelong dream for them. Through group mini lessons, people are able to play simple songs on the harps.

Patient listening music while being transfused in hospital ward

Harps for Therapy

The Harps For Therapy program seeks to bring comfort and calm to those in hospitals, hospice, care homes, and rehab centers through experiences with the harp. Patients are able to either listen to the harp being played, or if able, play a little themselves. Services are provided at no cost to the patient or their family.

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Interested in being part of Hands On Harps? You can partner with us in several ways:

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Interested in starting a Hands On Harps program in your area or volunteering to help at a HOH event? Please contact us for more information. It is our goal to spread the joy of harp music throughout the world, and we would love to help you bring Hands On Harps to your community.