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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


About The Program

Harps For Kids is an initiative to get beginning harp instruction programs into lower income schools where students would not normally experience seeing a harp, much less be able to afford to take harp lessons. The program is run through an after school enrichment program. Instruction is given in a group setting as the students learn the basics on harp technique, music theory, and performance and group dynamics. Students learn simple ensemble pieces and perform for the school and community. Students are taught early on to use their skills to give back, through playing for retirement and nursing homes, church groups, and other community events.

About The Curriculum

Part of Harps For Kids is the specialized curriculum, written to teach the basics on the harp in a group setting. The curriculum covers a well-rounded set of basic music reading, simple improvisation, and how to blend in a group. Students learn both solo pieces that the group can all play together as well as songs with different parts to perform as an ensemble. Students who wish to continue harp beyond the initial term can join an intermediate harp ensemble.


About Our Harps

Most of the students who participate in the Harps For Kids program do not come from families who have the disposable income to purchase a harp and pay for private music lessons. Therefore, the program uses the generous donations of our supporters to supply all the necessary equipment at little to no cost to the student or their family. Small 27 string folk harps are purchased direct from the manufacturer for a discounted price and made available to the students to practice on after school each day and use for performances. We also supply each participant with a music stand, harp stool, tuning keys, music binder, and other needed incidentals. After the student successfully completes the program, they have an option to purchase the harp they have been using for a small fraction of the normal cost.

About Our Pilot School District


“Alief is the most ethnically diverse of school districts of comparable size in Texas. Virtually every culture of the modern world is represented in its 47,000 student enrollment; more than 80 languages and dialects are spoken.” – website

Over 80% of Alief students are considered economically disadvantaged.

Almost 40% of Alief students are considered Limited English Proficient.

Over 80 different languages are spoken by the students in Alief.

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