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Elizabeth Webb is a talented professional harpist who has been playing harp for over 20 years. She has played in many groups, orchestras, ensembles, and solo performances in several countries. Whether it is for a party, wedding, church service, or fundraiser, Elizabeth is always excited to craft and perform music that gives the perfect ambiance to any event. Elizabeth is well known for her incredible ability to help beginning harp students both with and without musical background to excel at learning the harp. Because Elizabeth has degrees in both music performance and in teaching, she is able to tailor lessons to any student’s needs and abilities, regardless of age or level. Students love the fact that Elizabeth has created her own harp curriculum, because it means the music is adjusted to meet their level. Through Huston Harp Music (formerly known as Tucson Harp Music), Elizabeth offers both individual lessons and group lessons as well as fantastic performance opportunities for recitals and ensembles. Skype lessons enable students who are not able to drive to Elizabeth to still benefit from her instruction. Over the years Elizabeth has accumulated a number of great student harps that she rents to beginning students so they can experience harp lessons before buying their own. Whether you are 7 years old or 97 years old, if you want to play the harp, Elizabeth can help you achieve that dream!


Houston Harp Music For Your Events

What Types Of Music Can You Play?

Harps are not limited to the stereotypical soft sounds heard on television.  Almost any song or style of music is adaptable for the harp, although some are extremely difficult to play.  Elizabeth will work with you to tailor the music for your event to your preferences.  The music will set the tone, so choose wisely!  Not sure what to pick?  Elizabeth has recommendations based on the type of event, size, location, your theme, etc.  Don’t want to pick specific songs?  Choose a genre or collection of genres and Elizabeth will pick from them to mold the music to fit the event. 

Whether you want:

  • classical music
  • love songs
  • popular modern tunes
  • movie and theatre pieces
  • sacred hymns
  • ethnic samplings
  • Christmas carols
  • easy listening music

you have found the right place.

If no music preferences are given, Elizabeth will use her own discretion.  She is an expert at matching music selections to fit the crowd and atmosphere, so you can rest assured that your event will be a memorable success.

Harp Music Enhances Any Event

Few things can add the exquisite touch of both visual and musical beauty that a harp can. When your guests see that towering pillar, the graceful harmonic curve, and the immaculate gold accents, they will know you are serious about your music. While many instruments must be amplified to be heard in a crowd and need a group of other instruments to fill out the music, a harp is capable of projecting it full, rich sound in large and small gatherings, including outdoor events. Let the harp set the tone for your special event and take you and your guests to a place of enchantment. Elizabeth plays for:

  • Weddings
  • Memorials
  • Banquets
  • Corporate Events
  • Parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Baby Showers
  • Music Therapy

and anything else you can think of that benefits from harp music…

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Harp Lessons For All

Harp Lessons

Harp is a wonderfully rewarding instrument to learn to play! Lessons are available for people of all ages and ability levels. You are never too old to fulfill your dream of playing the harp! It is always helpful to have some musical background, such as piano, but is not necessary. Elizabeth can teach you to read sheet music, keep the beat, and play the songs you love on the harp. Lessons and lesson materials are always tailored to your personal harp goals. For children under 10, a parent is required to attend all lessons. Half hour lessons are recommended for children under 12, and one hour lessons are recommended for children 12 and over as well as all adults. Elizabeth has written her own harp curriculum, which is included free with lessons.

Harp Rentals

A number of harps of different sizes and prices are available for monthly rent to active harp students. Buying a harp is like buying a car. It is best to know a little about harps before making the purchase to ensure you are getting the features that are right for you. Considerations include price, size, range, weight, make, model, finish, lever type, string type, and many other subtle qualities. Consequently, Elizabeth always recommends renting before you buy. Elizabeth is even happy to help with your search when you are ready to find “the one.” Rentals are for a minimum of 3 months with optional monthly renewal afterward. Contact Elizabeth for current availability.

Harp Ensembles

One of the most rewarding experiences as a musician is the thrill of playing in a group with other musicians – listening to your one part harmonize with the music around you. Elizabeth believes in providing this incredible experience to all harp students who want to try it, through harp ensembles. Music parts are tailored to the participants so no one has to play above their level and everyone can enjoy the experience. Ensembles run for one semester (about 4 months), usually with 2 performances at the end.

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